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TYMPANOSTOMY TUBE – new line of ORL implants. The tube is made of clear 99,96 % titane providing excellent chemical resistance and great mechanical features. The surface of tympanostomy tubes is produced using special technologies of light interference that features similarities to tissue structure. This kind of material is very convenient as an implant.

The surface of the tympanostomy tube is dark grey without any reflections. The extent of the surface is approximately five times bigger than by a polished one, which provides a great adhesion to the eardrum are no segregation eventuates.

There are not any allergic reactions

Since 1993 when the device was clinically tested, more than 9000 tympanostomy tubes have been inserted. Rejections can be seen very rarely.

Tympanostomy tubes are not equipped with an extracting fibre.
The reason why there is no extracting fibre in the tube is impossibility to find a fibre made of the same material as the tympanostomy tube. In case two different metallic materials are used, there is an electrolyte arising that affects stability of the tympanostomy tube, middle ear and ear canal.

To provide an easy extraction, the outer annulus is equipped with a strong wall so that it can be picked up easier.

Three sizes of tympanostomy tubes in two construction types provide a good choice according to the anatomy of the patient and enable insert in both adults and children.


Indication for insert of tympanostomy tube is quite wide.

Acute otitis media
Chronic otitis media
Dysfunctional Eustachian tube causing hearing impairment, otalgia, imbalance and vertigo or buildup of fluid in the space behind the eardrum.
Better results after the insert of tympanostomy tube by dysfunctional Eustachian tube caused by obstruction due cancer of the pharynx by mesotympane cholesteatoma after operation to prevent recurrences
The tympanostomy tube can be inserted in very small children already 2 years of age.
Results of the implant placement are very good regarding the course of disease.
Clinical tests at first-range Czech clinics including the Prague Univerzita Karlova value the tympanostomy tube very positive.

Contraindication: Unknown.

Tympanostomy tubes are authorized by the Department of Health of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic as well as the State Institute of Pharmaceutical Control and are equipped with valid registration in both abovementioned countries. All types are also furnished with Declaration of Conformity.

All tympanostomy tubes are reimbursed by the General Health Insurance Company of Czech Republic (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna) and other contractual insurance companies.